I am pleased to share with you my passion for miniatures and my love of plants!

Carolyn Mohler KraftMy passion began when I was a miniature myself, not yet in school, instilled by my mother, Virginia Mohler. A very talented and resourceful woman, she made what she could not afford to buy, or could not find. My very first miniature was a yellow rosebud flannel nightgown Mom made for my Minnie Mouse doll to match the one she made for me. It may have been a larger scale, but a miniature version, nonetheless.  

My fortune was to have an older sister, and our dollhouse arrived shortly after Minnie Mouse. Mom began our collection at Marshall Field's in Chicago with rooms of Toncoss furniture, yet something was lacking. The bedroom was not complete until she hooked a wool rug and made a cozy ruffled chair with co-ordinating throw pillows. The warm summer sun (from a lamp with a tilted shade sitting on the floor) filtered through her lace kitchen curtains and a slight breeze (from a black Diehl fan perched on the piano and pointing downward) blew through her handmade screen door onto the decorated birthday cake (made from a spool of thread) sitting on the table. Before long, an empty shell had become a cozy home full of handmade, one of a kind treasures, making me wish I could shrink small enough to live in a house with a canopied bed, a fireplace, and a dog!

I watched in awe as my Mother continued to make more and more accessories, eventually selling them to Marshall Field's and several miniature distributors. I attempted to emulate her, until high school took center stage. Not until Mom opened a miniature shop in Illinois, called Gullivers, did the miniature bug bite again. I began making limited accessories while attending college in Boulder, Colorado, eventually trying my hand at houseplants, likely influenced by the forty houseplants in my small house.

By the early 1980's I was selling my plants though mail order and at shows in Denver and Chicago. In 1987 I was published in the November issue of Nutshell News. By 1999, my growing family no longer allowed me the time and space I needed for miniatures, and they were packed away (the miniatures, not my family).

Many years have passed and I have killed all but two of the original plants I miniaturized long ago. My home is still full of houseplants, and the new varieties are screaming to become miniaturized before I kill them, too! I did venture into the great outdoors and added Hostas, Ostrich Ferns, and more Cactus to my repetoire. Between the new and the old, and the indoor and outdoor plants, I received the Artisan and Fellow Awards from the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

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Carolyn Mohler Kraft



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