Kerri Pajutee Labrador puppy     KERRI PAJUTEE MINIATURE ANIMALS, IGMA Fellow

    Incredible OOAK hand-sculpted animals and birds by IGMA Fellow
    Kerri Pajutee.
This little puppy is made with polymer clay, but you'd swear he
    would drop his 'toy' and come running if you offered him a treat!

Alison Shibata strawberry     BLISS MINIATURES by ALISON SHIBATA, IGMA Artisan
* Alison no longer has a website.

    Amazing and scrumptuous food creations that make me go searching my kitchen
    cabinets for a sweet treat, or fix dinner if it's getting to be that time. I am
    embarrassed that her miniature roses far surpass my real decorated cakes. SIgh..

Kiva Atkinson Rock Cornish Hen Platter   KIVA'S MINIATURES by IGMA Fellow KIVA ATKINSON
   * Kiva no longer has a website. 

   Fabulous and often quirky creations made from polymer clay. Kiva's website
   presents a smorgasboard of unbelievably realistic foods that includes the basic
   food groups, cultural dishes, and creations that you have to see for yourself!

Meketre Cattle Model    THE HISTORY OF MINIATURES by Carolyn Mohler Kraft
Written by yours truly, it may reveal some interesting facts about our miniature 'hobby'.
    This series was published through the CDHM's The Miniature Way internet magazine,
    which no longer exists. However, I will find it somewhere and post it here.

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