My possum 'Ginny' from Kristy Taylor
This personal treasure is a possum made just for me by Kristy Taylor of Mini Minagerie.  She cleverly, and delightlfully combined three recent events in my life. The first was a sad story involving four young possums under my deck. The next was the loss of my mother, Virginia, followed quickly by my plants being featured in the September 2009 issue of American Miniaturist, which happens to be the very issue 'Ginny', my Mom's nickname, is reading! Kristy has a wonderful talent of making the small, unusual animals of the wild into sweet-faced lovable characters with individual personalities that will warm your heart.

Wool hooked rug by Virginia Mohler 1960's
One of my most treasured miniatures, this hand hooked wool rug was made by my Mother, Virginia Mohler, in the early 1960's. Lucky for me she didn't sell this one to Marshall Field's and Company! Is there a rug very similar to this one in your cozy miniature bedroom? If it says 'Littlehouse' on the back, Mom made yours, too!

Wicker set by Petticoat Porch
IGMA Artisan Linda Westerlund of Petticoat Porch made this beautiful wicker set using the very same fabric that my Mother used to make other miniature treasures many years ago. The cushions are removable if I decide to change my color scheme, or even find scraps from fabrics in my own cache.
Sadly, Linda passed away in December, 2017. 

Monkey Mom and her kids
This Todd Krueger monkey mother and her children were discovered at a Chicago show in 1985. Having a soft spot for monkeys and being the mother of a toddler and another on the way, I saw myself in the vividly conveyed exasperation of the mother monkey, and just couldn't resist. I hope Todd is still making incredible miniature dolls and fantasy figures!

Musical instrument by George Becker 1980's
This musical instrument is, well, unusual.  It was made by George Becker and found at a miniature show in Denver in the early 1980's.  Note the exquisite inlaid woodwork, one of George's many talents. I don't even remember what it is called! But I had to have this piece of artistry anyway, a sentiment any miniaturist would understand.




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