The photos shown are an accurate representation of the variety of plants I make, and their sizes, pots, and prices. Not everything shown is in stock, but plants available for immediate purchase are designated and anything can be ordered and customized. Please browse this SHOP page and the HOSTA page and email me your interest in any plant and we can make it a perfect fit! 

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    During my ten year hiatus new paper techniques were developed that made floral tape less desirable for very small leaved plants, but the longevity of floral tape has been proven and it remains my medium of choice. I do not use punches. Each leaf is individually cut and painted making each plant One of a Kind. The succulents are made with polymer clay. The porcelain pots are my original designs from turning the wood models on a lathe and making the molds to pouring and firing them in my kiln. The designs are simple and available in neutral colors to accomodate any decorating scheme. There are many wonderful artists who make exquisite pottery that far surpass my own, and I am always willing to plant in a different container if it will accomodate the plant.


Most of the floral tape plants can be gently rearranged to some extent.
Each plant carries my 'cmk' mark fired permanently into the bottom of
 the porcelain pot. Clay pots and those from other artists are marked
with permanent ink or paint.

Pothis Cutting Selection Pothos Neon
Pothos Manjula Cutting Pothos Golden Cutting
Pothos Medium Available
 The Pothos cuttings and
   medium plants pictured are
   available, but the versatile
   nature of the plant may require
   more leaves and a different pot.

   Custom designs are welcome!


  Cactus Selection
Sea of Succulents

Bunny Ears Cactus Bunny Ears Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus Golden Stars & Barrel Cactus

Jade Selection
Jade Mediums Jade Larges
Jades avaliable

Aloe Vera Selection ALoe Vera Available

Boston Fern Tiger Fern
Boston Fern Medium Ferns - Large examples

 As my stock of porcelain pots that I have used for 40 years diminishes, and will not be replaced, finding suitable pots is becoming more difficult and is limiting the number of plants available for purchase. For now, all Ferns and Palms are by custom order. If you would like a Fern or a Palm please email me with details of the size you'd like and we can work together. If you are fortunate to have a pot already, you go to the front of the line!

  Areca Palms were popular during
  the Victorian era and were seen as
  a sign of wealth and social status.
  Their popularity has never waned,
  only the pot style has changed.
  Areca Palms can grow 8 feet
  indoors and up to 30 feet outdoors,
  but the diameter of the pot remains
  the same.

  Palms are custom orders.
  This Palm measures an average
  5 inches tall and 4 inches wide,
  but it can be as tall as you need.

Dracaena medium Dracaena large

Peace Lily in crock Peace Lily in crock

ORDER ONLY: Peace Lily floor plants are approximately 3 1/4 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide.  They include a few shriveled up brown leaves, dead stalks, and three flowers. Older stems have a sheath-type wrap shortly below the leaves. Peace Lilies, as with any plant, can be planted in a pot of your choosing.   $425

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